Confectioner expands wholesale product line

Doug Simons

Enstrom Candies has expanded the line of toffees it sells on a wholesale basis, offering three new varieties in retail-friendly packaging.

“Enstrom’s wholesale presence has been steadily increasing since 2011, but this is the first time we have designed products and packaging specifically for this market,” said Doug Simons, president of the Grand Junction company. “We are excited to see Enstrom Candies growing into a national candy aisle company.”

The wholesale line includes the original Enstrom almond toffee, but also peanut toffee, butter toffee and espresso toffee. The products are available in individually wrapped 0.75-ounce singles and 1.25 ounce bars in premium milk or dark chocolate.

The new products are available in Enstrom outlets, including the three locations in the Grand Junction, and will be distributed to retailers.

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