Consulting firm deploys drones to offer additional services

HRL Compliance Solutions has added the use of an unmanned aerial system to the services offered by the Grand Junction-based environmental consulting firm.

As a division of HRL Compliance Solutions, DragonFly AI offers aerial surveying and imaging services for a wide range of applications.

The use of drones provides immediate results in the form of three-dimensional point cloud, thermal, multispectral and high-resolution imagery. With an accuracy of 3 centimeters, design-grade data can be stored and retrieved to overlay on top of newer data to document changes in landscape due to erosion, natural events or man-made alterations. Depending on the scope of the project, the firm is capable of deploying a drone and delivering finalized products within five hours of launch. Data can be accessed from a variety of devices, including computers, phones and tablets.

HRL Compliance Solutions offers a range of environmental consulting services, including air quality compliance, site assessment and remediation and waste management. For more information, call  243-3271 or visit