Creating Brand Evangelists

            You’ve heard the buzz about how social media can help grow your business. The big question is how? The truth about social media marketing is that you’re not pushing the same message through every possible channel, hoping that .2 percent of your recipients actually will pay attention or even respond.

            What social media marketing does is energize your fan base with conversational marketing. For instance, try using your social media platform for your company’s philanthropic activities. Set-up channels with content about your initiatives and make it easy for others to virally spread the news. Then you will truly see the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Tie in your content from your social media platform with the power of text message marketing, a custom landing page on your website and you’ll discover how multi-channel digital marketing can increase your reach beyond any traditional advertising platform you’ve used in the past.

            Social media, text message marketing and your web presence allows you to discover, cultivate and brand enthusiasts about you, your company and the service or products you offer. There are people out there that love your brand. By joining in conversation with them and sharing information with them you will be cultivating a true brand evangelist. If you go about it in a personal, relevant way to their lifestyle, you will make them feel like a part of your inner circle. This person will then share their positive feeling about you with their friends, both online and in the real world. The real key to social media success is integrating text message marketing, your website, and traditional advertising is content.

            Everything begins and ends with content.  Social Media is not about you, it’s about your audience, future clients and current customers. If you publish relevant, compelling, call-to-interact content, you will build your  brand evangelist. Start a dialogue that will engage your client, dialogue that can be shared with others and encouraged to go viral. Send out plugs in your text message database that support your dialog to allow them to connect to your place of business, or land on your website to drive a call to action. This is where you’ll start to see a much greater ROI from your efforts and marketing dollars.

            Many times people misunderstand content and its various forms. We tend to think of content in terms of a blog post, a news article, a video or photo we share. Content goes much deeper than that. Social media content comes in numerous forms; from posting what you are eating, to conversation, sharing a quote or a link to an event, or information about who you are and what you have to offer. Here are some examples, both good and bad:

  • Huddles  Conversations with 2 or more people about a specific subject. Usually done via Twitter in chat, in a chat room or forum.
  • Bow  Recognizing a milestone and offering thanks to those who made it happen; such as when certain amount of likes are reached.
  • Hallmark  Observing holidays, employee accomplishments or amount of years in the business.
  • X Factor  A Mystery Post that makes people start asking questions and leaving comments. But pay attention to the comments!
  • Black Hole  This is when you post and generate zero comments, shares, or like’s.
  • Hothead  This is content that is controversial or causes a back lash from your fans. Careful, as this can end with lost clients or unhappy customers. Just because it’s funny to you, doesn’t mean it should be shared.
  • Must Read  Content that is a very compelling call-to-action or call-to-interact.
  • The Photographer  My favorite. A picture post with a message. Remember, a picture can say more than a paragraph.
  • The Reporter  My second favorite. A video about your business, staff or client experience.
  • The Check-In  When you post a special or promo that can only be redeemed by showing a FaceBook message.

             As you can see there are many different ways to communicate to your fan base. It’s important to plan strategic, well orchestrated content that allows for your audience to interact and become an enthusiasts for you, your product or service and place of business. Think about those things that drive people to love what you do and offer. Engage your audience, connect using digital channels like test message marketing, custom website landing pages and retain them with relevant content on your social platforms.

            Multi-channel digital marketing solutions do not just create new customers, they help you create brand evangelists, who may just sing your businesses’ praises every day.