Facebook: business timeline part two

I’m sure you’ve all seen the reminder to view your page in Timeline and hopefully you’ve started thinking about visual strategy, posting ideas and content.     Luckily, the developers at Facebook realize the importance of your time and that this is a big change for business owners. Therefore, the new versatile, informative admin panel is […]

Facebook: business Timeline part one

Your Facebook business page is about to get an overhaul. It’s a good thing, if you’re ready for it. If you take the time to think of this changeover as an opportunity, much like a good spring cleaning is a fresh start in your home, Facebook’s Timeline can be the fresh social media start your […]

Expanding your reach through PR and social media

The press release was once the most powerful tool a business had in its arsenal. If you as a business owner had something to say, the press release was your voice and your medium to speak to the masses. Whether it was a new product you were releasing, new management that was taking over, or […]

Creating Brand Evangelists

            You’ve heard the buzz about how social media can help grow your business. The big question is how? The truth about social media marketing is that you’re not pushing the same message through every possible channel, hoping that .2 percent of your recipients actually will pay attention or even […]

Social media integration and text message marketing

Text (SMS) Message Marketing is a simple, affordable advertising platform that enables small to medium sized businesses to have the same powerful impact that larger companies have been able to leverage for years in traditional advertising efforts. With the massive growth of social media, businesses can now integrate text messaging with the social media platform […]

Text message marketing offers advantages

Small to medium-sized businesses need every advantage possible to remain competitive in a shrinking economy. As consumers spend less and less, business owners must spend their marketing dollars more wisely than ever to retain current customers and bring new ones through the doors. Business owners who take advantage of text message marketing often enjoy a […]

Mobile marketing all about communication

It’s not hype. It’s an essential marketing tool for any business. Mobile marketing is not a hot trend that’s driven by some amazing new technology. It’s a powerful communication tool that will connect you to consumers in a quick, efficient and affordable way. As a business owner, it’s imperative to communicate effectively with your customers. […]

Tap the power of the mobile Web

The mobile Web has gained attention over the past year even as it has evolved rapidly to become a major player in how businesses market themselves to consumers. If used properly, the mobile Web can offer a deeper reach to consumers at every stage of their lifestyles. Let’s face it. You never leave home without […]