Dentist offers care plan with annual fee

Sullivan Dental Design in Grand Junction has entered into a partnership with Quality Dental Plan (QDP) to offer patients a dental savings plan.

QDP provides a way for dentists to offer patients comprehensive preventive dental care for an annual fee. Patients who join QDP at Sullivan Dental Design receive two standard cleanings, two examinations and X-rays as well as discounts on restorative and cosmetic procedures.

“Even as the economy has stabilized, only about 50 percent of Americans visit a dentist regularly. This is a statistic that QDP and Sullivan Dental Design are hoping to change in Grand Junction,” said Dan Marut, founder of QDP.

A national network of dentists who offer QDP reduce their fees on dental services in exchange for annual fees from individuals and families, Marut said. “We saw that we could significantly reduce the need for major treatment in patients across the country if the whole family could take part in ongoing preventive care for an affordable, pre-set price.”

Dan Sullivan, the dentist who operates Sullivan Dental Design, said QDP offers a way to address common dental problems before they become more expensive. “The cost to treat a painful situation can be three or four times more than it would have been if the problem had been diagnosed a few months earlier,” Sullivan said. “That’s why QDP is so good for my patients. It makes dentistry much more affordable and encourages everyone to stick with their preventive dental visits to avoid problems down the road.”

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