Does anybody know what’s really going on?

Craig Hall

Admit it. You have no clue whatsoever about the coronavirus. It’s the only logical conclusion I can come to after two plus months of information, misinformation, intentional lies and politics about this latest corona-type virus foisted upon the world by — yet AGAIN — China.

As a matter of fact, the last part of my opening statement is the only thing I’m 100 percent sure about. The rest of my thoughts are simply conjecture, looking back at history at other “outbreaks” and understanding the players in this muddled mess and how they choose to play it.
I don’t pretend to be some infectious disease expert — as are few, if any, of the folks who might comment on this column. But I’ve got almost 60 years on this orb, and this is as bad as I’ve ever seen things.

But let’s begin with the good, because the bad and the ugly have almost completely taken over.

On the good end, the choices are limited and obvious — although you’d never know it by the news reporting. Our president, vice president, staff and response team have demonstrated the utmost professionalism and quality given the timetable of this viral outbreak. To put into place measures like restricting travel, a panel of the top infectious disease personnel to combat the outbreak all while promoting calm and rationality and continuing to talk to the citizenry about the potential disaster of the outbreak could not have been done better. Although I doubt you’ve heard it described as such.

While the president’s team has done a yeoman’s job in addressing the outbreak, I have some concerns. The lack of testing kits concerns me. It sounds like South Korea had no problem testing a bunch of folks, same with Italy. I’d like an answer on that. I’m also sure things will come up to which we don’t have immediate answers. Sometimes, “we don’t know yet” is the best answer. After all, how exactly does one combat a virus that didn’t exist six months ago? I’m just as sure the media will contort every response by the president’s team.

This leads us to bad culprit No. 1: The mainstream media. I’ve concluded most folks in the MSM simply don’t care and only report what they think. It isn’t that difficult to find a doctor, expert or compatriot who thinks as the reporter does to tell a specific side to the coronavirus story. Then one can find a “story” polar opposite just as easily. The first case in point: Americans are hoarding toilet paper based on reporting. The second case in point: The every disaster story of “price gouging” is the result of zero understanding of economics. The third case in point: The fact no one seems to know the main point person on the coronavirus task force is a woman who’s the top AIDS/HIV expert in the country, if not the world. I don’t
know what qualifications top the list of liberal must-haves, but those sure do and yet, bupkis. Fourth case in point: Going to Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer for any comment whatsoever.

As I said, it’s easy to find someone with your political take on this issue. Especially those who want to rule.

Let’s go to the ugly people acting most heinous: Democrats. Well, I’m starting with the non-Democrat Bernie and the irony of him saying, “Politicians shouldn’t be leading our response.” First, Mr. Socialist-in-Chief, see above for just who’s in charge. Second, stop responding since your only answer is free health care for all before the next free thing you’ll provide — all of which have been wrong since the day they became a thought.

How about Mrs. Pelosi and her response regarding the stock market, saying it’s down because of uncertainty and because the president “has no plan?” Here’s a couple of things I’m certain about. There are no cures for viruses. Viruses spread. Oh, and within 10 minutes of hearing your “no plan” quote, I heard someone interviewed state, “I’m sitting here reading from the White House’s
50-plus page plan.” And after listening to you stumble and bumble for the past decade, I know where the uncertainty lies.

How about Chuck Schumer and his “we must tackle this virus head on” talking point babble? Does he have information we don’t? All this from a man who’s been part of the same policymaking that has China supplying or making
95 percent plus of all antibiotics on the planet. Then again, let’s talk student loans and the mortgage crisis. We know where your head is Chuck.

And then there’s Joe Biden.

My thoughts? History tells me this is more much ado about nothing, as all these viruses tend to be. The good news is if it’s around next year, we’ll have a vaccine from the current strain that will be of immense help. Democrats will continue to make political hay out of the suffering and blame it all on Republicans. The markets will fluctuate more than they normally do. And the mainstream press will root for the virus that takes out any conservative and moves its agenda.

In other words, business as usual — with an extra virus.