Elections have consequences, none good for the people

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

This past election, with our country being so divided, apathetic or sycophantic in the electorate, proves one thing: The federal government no longer works for the people. As Abraham Lincoln so famously said,
“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Our rulers know this. That’s why they allow all of the rhetoric, venom and violence to go on. Worse, we fall for it.

The extreme left is going nuts and the extreme right is looking for revenge all because one person got elected and the other lost. And while the left handles it differently than the right did the previous two elections with its violence, threats of succession and obstructing everything the winner wants to do, the right promises to fix everything under the sun with new laws, spending and control over the people — kinda the opposite of what each side claims, no? We don’t need more government and presidents doing whatever they please, we need less.

Let’s face it. This election wasn’t really about who would make a better president. The candidates alone tell us that. This election was about who voters wanted to have as their ruler based on their beliefs. And I can’t think of a worse thing if you’re a lover of freedom.

And finally, for all the babble coming out of Washington about how our elected betters are going to take care of this group, that group or solve all of our problems, there’s one group they will always protect: the ruling class. And you ain’t part of it. 

If the stock market plunges and unemployment skyrockets, they still get rich and keep their jobs because they matter to the few not being hurt in the chaos. When something goes wrong with one of their “comprehensive” programs (and something always goes wrong) and they say to blame it on this group or those people, they make new laws giving themselves more power and control over your life as you plead for them to do something. And when they break the law or do things unconstitutionally with no consequences and walk away scot-free, just remember you or I would be in prison or broke.

The solution to this nation’s problems will never come from Washington for the simple fact the folks there have no reason to fix anything. Because what would happen if everything was fixed and constitutional? That’s right. Washington would have no relevance, no power, no payoffs and no control over the lives of Americans. Some awfully smart people understood that about 250 years ago, and I don’t see anyone with that kind of faith and trust in the citizenry today — not even “your guy,” who’s the only good person in Congress.

Do I have a solution? Maybe. I know it will be difficult, but perhaps we could find one friend who we can talk to from the other side and have a discussion.
I realize this is almost impossible now. But perhaps having the knowledge they want us divided will spur us to take the time to do this most important thing: Get people together in freedom. After all, our first revolution didn’t start by continually asking the king to fix everything. At some point, after years and years of trying to no avail to stop confiscatory taxes and get control over their lives, folks got together in spite of their differences and said something like, “This isn’t working and we need to do something.” And they did. They created the greatest nation the world has ever seen — in spite of its flaws and what Mr. Trump’s campaign slogan says.

The solution is with the people — your neighbors, your friends, your colleagues and your “enemies.” The people got together and started this great nation. The people got together and ended slavery. The people marched with Reverend King. And right now, while divided, I think the people see the same thing regardless of  where on the political spectrum they fall. Our federal government is too powerful and needs to be reigned in big time. Because when you look back at the three examples I just noted, all of them were about doing the right thing and fighting the government, not each other.

Yes, there are those who’ll fight against what’s right and there always will be. And those folks are also on both sides of the aisle. But while they’re extremely vocal, they’re also the fringe. And they won’t matter if all of us who have about 90 percent to 95 percent of thinking in common got together to say “no more” while working to restore our inalienable rights.

So can we find that person to talk to? Can we find someone in our lives who thinks a polar 180 degrees from us on one or two issues (that should be under the purview of the states or is one of their unalienable rights) and talk to them about the path we’re on with federal control, debt, unfunded mandates, unlimited power and corruption? Can we get to the point where we can say, “You should talk to Craig (that may be a bridge too far for some). He really isn’t that bad of a guy.” Can we have that talk actually happen in a civil manner? Can we get on the same side for freedom?

We better. Because the folks in Washington are only interested in one side: Theirs.