Embracing opportunity: Growing student interest strengthens popular program

Craig Hall, The Business Times: 

“We are really seeing a trend with younger students taking an interest in opening their own businesses,” says Dr. Morgan Bridge, Head, Department of Business at Colorado Mesa University,” And it is our goal to have a degree program that will give them the tools to be successful.”

While the university has always had a very active non-traditional student population, they are now being joined by freshmen who have are looking for opportunity in this economy. The greater, combined, interest has helped create an enhanced “entrepreneurial spirit.” This is even with the students who are looking to work for other businesses, not their own, and that is because the nation’s workforce is becoming knowledge-based, a fact that puts every employee in the idea business according to Bridge.

“The university has a very active Entrepreneurship Club, “says Bridge, “And these students, in addition to their classroom-based studies that are concentrated on entrepreneurship, also gain practical business experience such as writing a business plan for funding and working on elevator pitches — a way to sell your business in ninety seconds or less.” Additionally, Bridge says non-business students are also embracing entrepreneurial business ideals as they look to start business opportunities such as art studios, in music, or in the sciences.

“What will move our economy and our country forward in the future are the new ideas from entrepreneurs in our society, and at CMU we are fostering that entrepreneurial spirit,” adds Bridge.