Engineer firm joins in partnership to expand services

Ruby Canyon Engineering based in Grand Junction has entered into an agreement with Earth Protect to offer more services. The companies bring to the partnership different, but complimentary, capabilities.

Ruby Canyon offers a range of services to quantify, verify and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “We work in all North American carbon markets, helping develop reporting protocols and verification procedures along with identifying best practices for GHG emission reduction projects throughout the world,” said Michael Coté, president of the company.

Based in Castle Rock, Earth Protect focuses on communication, citizen engagement and corporate responsibility. It’s Web site offers more than 3,000 environmental videos and its sustainability services division encourages public action to protect and improve the environment.

“While good science, data analytics and economic metrics are the foundation for sustainability, we believe informed citizen engagement and market-driven solutions are essential to developing sustainability on a global scale,” said Carol Barbeito, president of Earth Protect.

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