Engineering firm earns approval to use drones

An engineering firm with offices in Grand Junction has earned federal approval to use unmanned aircraft systems in providing services to clients.

Olsson Associates received an exemption to use three models of drones in providing aerial inspections, architectural visualizations and other commercial services.

“This exemption is an important step for Olsson Associates in providing accurate, actionable and defensible aerial data products to our clients,” said Jonathan Harris, who, as manager of the unmanned systems program, works in Grand Junction.

“Our clients are continually looking for new and innovative ways to reduce costs while increasing their safety of operations. UAS are an incredible tool to meet those demands,” Harris said.

Ryan Beckman, senior vice president of sales and new business for Olsson Associates, agreed. “Olsson continues to identify new and exciting ways to help provide industry leading services to our clients, and we believe this UAS/drone technology is just another example of what we feel is critical to the future way of doing business in an efficient and cost-effective way.”

Olsson Associates provides a wide range of engineering and design services through 28 offices, including seven offices in Colorado. For additional information, visit the Web site located at