Entrepreneurs both dreams and doers

There are dreamers and there are doers. Occasionally, there are those who are both dreamers and doers. It’s an important combination in successful entrepreneurs who develop better products and services and take advantage of opportunities few others recognize.

Ron Allred constitutes a prime example of a dreamer and doer as the dentist turned developer who also turned ranch land into the town of Avon and a small ski area in Telluride into one of the top resorts in North America.

Allred, a former resident who graduated from Grand Junction High School, returned to his hometown to deliver the keynote presentation at the annual Entrepreneurship Day luncheon at Colorado Mesa University.

Allred recounted his experiences in working his way through college to earn a dentistry degree, joining in a dental practice in Colorado Springs, switching careers to real estate, developing the town of Avon and then transforming Telluride from a small mining town into a destination resort.

Allred encouraged students at the event to get a good education because they’ll need the analytical skills they acquire to succeed in what likely will be two or three careers over the course of their lives.

Allred joked that he didn’t rely on his training as dentist until he had to incorporate bridges into the development of the Mountain Village in Telluride. But he said he’s frequently relied on the analytical skills and ability to reason he learned in college to help him make the right decisions.

Allred also recounted one of the best pieces of advice he’s ever received — and that was an admonition from a mentor to always his dreams. It’s good advice, Allred said, because those who follow their dreams are likely to be passionate in their pursuit — another attribute of success. Allred’s advice to other entrepreeurs? “Follow your dreams.”

In other words, become both a dreamer and doer.