Facebook: business timeline part two

Tami Jo Russell

I’m sure you’ve all seen the reminder to view your page in Timeline and hopefully you’ve started thinking about visual strategy, posting ideas and content.

    Luckily, the developers at Facebook realize the importance of your time and that this is a big change for business owners. Therefore, the new versatile, informative admin panel is now located at the top of the page with quick action items available at a glance.

    Quick action items such as Notifications are important because you can see who is interacting on your page and respond to them quickly. Insights are now contained in a snapshot that allows you to view how your postings are affecting your friends, fans and visitors.  Messaging from businesses to friends was long overdue.

            Once you start sending messages to your friends as a business, you’ll create long-term relationships that will drive awareness and create enthusiasts. Not only that, the one thing Facebookers love more than seeing that beautiful red icon for a new notification is a gorgeous red icon for a new message!

Personal interaction is what drives Facebook and this is where good businesses get separated from the rest. The more personal interaction you get from friends, the more loyal customers you create.  The new admin panel helps you manage this from one source.  You are able to quickly see new messages that you need to respond to.

Some of the other quick features that admins have access to, is the ability to quickly manage your page’s settings, build an audience, and get the help you need right away.

Your page settings give admins the ability to edit the page and also see what kind of activity is happening, invite friends, share the page, and even create an ad. The help section allows admins to get quick information on getting started, managing and expanding your reach and much more.

Below are tips to getting started in embracing the Facebook Business Timeline.

Facebook’s New changes

1. First and foremost, start with a new mindset of how Facebook should be used; relationships, personal interaction, and building a community.  Facebook is not a tool for your business to make another sale.  Its purpose is to grow friendships.

2. Your cover photo and profile picture should be the first thing you change.  This is the handshake you offer to your first time visitors.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression rings true here.  Make sure your first impression is a good one.

3. Your “About” information is crucial to those who first meet you.  After the handshake you always start with your information.  Future friends will want to know what you are all about.  The information in the About us section is vital to driving people to learn more about you.

4. Start showing what is important to your business on a weekly basis.  Highlight what is important in a pinned post and make sure you update this every 7 days.  People are drawn to highlighted information, so give them what they want.

5. Daily posts drive traffic.  People like your page for a reason.  They want to know more about you if for no other reason than to have the information.  By posting daily you engage people to see what you are doing and to start a conversation.

6. Follow through with your new and old friends.  Relationships take time!!!  Invest in your friends and they will invest in you.


Although you now have some updated ways to interact with your friends, there are a couple things you should know about how to create a new cover photo. 

1. Do not include any information about some kind of deal for people to purchase or buy.  You have to get more creative in your cover photo than just how to sell another product.

2. Contact information is prohibited in Cover photos.  That kind of information is reserved for the “About us” section of your business profile.

3. No arrows pointing to the “Like” button.  Get creative instead of manipulative.

4. You can’t have any “call to action” information. 

 Bottom line: The cover photo is a place for your business to be creative. Have fun! Make it personal! Get people excited to be on your page by allowing them to see that they value you as a person and not just a customer.

Remember, plan your strategy, create your content, develop intriguing visuals and soar into the New Facebook Business Timeline with confidence.