Family Health West opens pediatric rehabilitation center

Family Health West has opened a pediatric rehabilitation center as part of its growing health care operation in Fruita.

“The goal of Family Health West’s pediatric rehabilitation is to help children better participate in life so they can play, learn and grow,” said Mark Francis, president and chief executive officer of Family Health West.

The center — located at 576 Kokopelli Blvd, Suite F — provides occupational, physical and speech and language therapies in treating a variety of conditions in patients from newborns to teen-agers up to 18 years old. An open house at the facility is scheduled for 4 to 6:30 p.m. Sept. 13.

“Our experienced, caring therapists offer a variety of services that can help children experience the world with greater confidence due to improvements in mobility, strength and coordination, cognition, communication, social-emotional development and or sensory processing,” said Melissa Ippolito, manager of therapies. “We help children who are experiencing difficulty meeting the demands of development — like sitting, crawling and walking, communicating, feeding, dressing themselves, socializing and much more.”

In addition to the new pediatric rehabilitation center, Family Health West operates a hospital, assisted living and skilled care facilities and imaging and outpatient procedure centers. For more information, call 858-2104 or visit the Web site located at