February’s new normal old normal for Democrats

Craig Hall

As I reminisce about how life used to be before the pandemic, February was a pretty predictable, easygoing month. 

At the Business Times, advertising renewals were set. Stories covered home building and exciting new ventures because we’re blessed in the Grand Valley with great weather and people. Well-attended fund-raising galas were a sure sign spring was just around the corner. 

For me personally, there’d be catching up on some shows missed over the holidays while filling out thousands of stubs from the sales of Grand Junction Lions Club raffle tickets. Then there was the Lions Cub parade and carnival and, once that dust settled, my annual golf trip to Mesquite.  

What a difference a year makes. Gone are the galas and Lions Club activities except the raffle. Businesses are closing more than opening. Gone, too, are most things we took for granted. While this isn’t a column about everything our leaders have taken from us, it offers a reflection on how decisions made on a federal level affect us all.

Under our “new normal,”  Democrats have spent the past two Februarys demanding an impeachment trial of Donald Trump — the latest one when the man isn’t even in office, and once again over something Trump didn’t do. 

But that doesn’t stop Democrats from going after someone for what they thought he or she did. Because that’s what this second impeachment is about — thoughts and feelings. No, not Trump’s, but rather the Democrats’. And Democrats doing whatever they think and feel to free citizens is really the biggest pandemic facing the country today. Worse, they do it with the false authority they can tell all of us what to think and feel. It’s a dangerous theater of the absurd. 

In this second impeachment, Trump is accused of “insurrection.” For those who don’t know, insurrection is a criminal offense with harsh punishment if found guilty. Trump isn’t charged with a crime in a court of law, but instead is involved in a political process—and ONLY because Democrats feel his words incited a “riot” shorter than Gilligan and the Skipper’s original tour plans. Trump did no such thing. And the Democrats know it.

The fact is, Democrats presented no evidence to support their claims. I’d be willing to bet no Democrat watched Trump’s rally speech live to even understand the context or atmosphere of the event. Because telling a crowd gathered to peacefully have their voices heard is anything but incitement and insurrection. It’s actually an American thing to do and guaranteed in our Constitution. 

You know what’s not American and guaranteed in the Constitution? Impeaching a private citizen and taking away the right of the people to assemble to ask for redress of grievances. Since when has the Constitution gotten in the way of what Democrats feel, think and want to do? The answer lately is never. 

And that answer should concern every American who says they believe in freedom. The Democrats are clear about what they want to do: demonize every American who doesn’t act, think or say the “truth” as they demand. Because the only way any American can be comfortable with this impeachment fiasco is to be in lockstep with Democrat thanking. Otherwise, they’d see it for the attack on freedom it so blatantly is.  

This sham impeachment not enough evidence? How about what Democrats did to Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia in removing her from committee assignments because of things she said before she was elected to Congress? How about the outrageous things coming from the mouths of Maxine Waters, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Nancy Pelosi and the myriad hate being spewed daily with nary a peep in the media or on Capitol Hill because these statements all fall in line with how Democrats feel today? What about the insanity of the San Francisco school board removing names from facilities it deems connected to slavery or suffering of select groups determined solely by Democrats? 

This is where we are. If you’re progressive, you’re welcome to think or feel anything with impunity. Simply consider America on fire last summer with no recourse on anyone involved versus the actors at the Capitol last month being hunted and prosecuted. Closer to home, think about what happens if you aren’t in lockstep with leaders and their feelings about how every person and business must act. If your new normal is like mine, you’ll be called a conspiracy nut job, told you hate fellow humans and nothing you think should be considered because it isn’t based in science. In other words, shunned. 

But whose conspiracies are these folks considering, mine or Nancy Pelosi’s, on the Capitol riot? Whose hate are they following, my alleged or Maxine Waters’ actual? Whose science do they promote, the talking points of Anthony Fauci or the hundreds of reports I find on the Internet stating the opposite? 

 In this new normal, the adage of knowing your enemy by who you aren’t allowed to criticize says everything.