Federal agencies team up to help vets become entrepreneurs

The Small Business Administration and Department of Veterans Affairs have entered into an agreement to help military veterans prepare for self-employment.

Through the partnership, veterans and service members will have access to networking events, job seeking skills, coaching and entrepreneurship training. The partnership will give veterans access to assistance from the SBA, its resource partners and U.S. Export Assistance Centers.

“Veterans are extremely resilient as a result of their time serving in the military. This is why they are great candidates for self-employment and why prepping them to take on the venture is of utmost importance,” said Barb Carson, associate administrator of the SBA Office of Veterans Business Development. “VA’s VR&E program plays such an integral role in veteran business owners’ journeys, so I can’t wait to see the progress we’re able to achieve together.”

Jack Kammerer, director of the Veterans Affairs vocational rehabilitation and employment program, said he was excited about the effort. “Both SBA and VA provide important resources for veterans and service members to take on the next step in their career — and their civilian lives. Together, we can set them up for success should they decide self-employment is next for them.”

VA and SBA will train local staff on services available through partnering agencies and also facilitate referrals on national, regional and local levels.

For more information about the SBA Office of Veterans Business Development and the Veterans Affairs vocational rehabilitation and employment program, visit the websites at www.sba.gov/ovbd or www.benefits.va.gov/vocrehab.