Federal agency reports labor and wage stats for Colorado counties

More than 57,000 people were counted among the employed in Mesa County and their weekly wages averaged $800, according to the latest quarterly numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

According to a BLS report on county employment and wages in Colorado for the fourth quarter of 2010, employment totaled 57,289 in Mesa County.

Mesa County was among nine counties in Colorado with weekly wages ranging from $800 to $899.

While year-over-year changes weren’t available for 55 counties in Colorado with employment levels below 75,000 — including Mesa County — the changes were available for the nine largest counties in the state.

Year-over-year employment rose in all nine counties, with Weld County reporting the largest proportional increase of 2.9 percent to 79,400. The gain ranked 11th largest nationally among 326 large counties. Denver reported a 1.9 percent increase to 426,500, which ranked 41st nationally. Larimer County experienced a 1.7 percent gain to 127,000, ranking 52nd nationally.

Average weekly wages rose in eight of the nine largest counties on a year-over-year basis with Jefferson County leading the way with a 6.4 percent increase to $1,031. Denver County reported the highest average weekly wages at $1,215, a 5.4 percent increase over the past year.

Average weekly wages in five of the nine largest counties in Colorado exceeded the national average of $971.

Among the 55 smaller counties in the state, however, only Broomfield and Rio Blanco counties topped the national mark with average weekly wages of $1,245 and $1,011, respectively.