Federal regulations broad scope of health care records security

The final version of federal regulations hold not only doctors, hospitals and other health care providers responsible for securing patient records, but also the businesses with which they work.

“The new regulations hold more businesses responsible for security and privacy of other’s information. Not only can the physician or covered entity be responsible for a data breech, but also any business that they work with that had access to the protected health information,” said Steve Attarian of E-Waste Recyclers.

In addition to recycling electronics, the Grand Junction-based offers data destruction services, including computer components that hold confidential medical and financial records.

The final rule of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinic Health Act (HITECH) released in January requires that business not only comply with data protection laws, but also state their security procedures, Attarian said. Data is considered secure after encryption or destruction.

“Compliance will be enforced more and fines are considerably higher under the act’s revisions,” Attarian said. “We want to help lessen the liability of stored data and inform businesses that more people need to be aware of how HITECH may affect their business.”

E-Waste Recyclers can eliminate the data stored on computer hard drives as well as physically shred hard drives. The company also destroys tapes and other devices that store electronic data. Many printers, copiers and fax machines include hard drives that store information.

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