Feeling deflated? This will take the air out of everything for you

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

You guessed it, among all the important things going on in our world — like which candidate that eventually wins the presidency will oversee the further decline of our country into the abyss of Republic failures — I will address what’s most important: Deflategate. And just as the never-ending saga of Deflategate was reintroduced into my brain, so was its never-ending counterpart of idiocy for comparison: our federal government. The metaphor is stunning.

We have a supreme ruler in the National Football League named Roger Goodell who apparently can just go around doing whatever he desires to anyone and anything because he has a collective bargaining agreement that’s been twisted to support that conclusion. We have a president who thinks the exact same thing and abuses our collective bargaining agreement — the Constitution — against the people by using “his pen and his phone” to do whatever he wants. Now before you go all political on me, I firmly believe Hillary, Bernie or Donald will do the exact same thing once elected. The problem is the office and the person and the view the Constitution is just some thoughts on paper, not the supreme law of the land.

Of course, all this dictatorial behavior is allowed by a very compliant, feckless group of other individuals called Congress — or in the case of the NFL, owners. The owners sit back and allow whatever happens to continue with Deflategate even though they know it to be wrong. There are several reasons why. The first would be that Goodell is punishing an enemy — the Patriots — and therefore the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Like Congress isn’t known for that? As long as the league and commissioner are stuck on punishing someone else, they won’t see what we’re doing with my pet project(s). In the case of NFL owners, it could their team’s cheating. In the case of Congress, corruption, scandal and cheating are rampant. Lastly, as long as the money keeps rolling in, who cares?

With Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Patriots, we have the ultimate in what our federal government seeks: the bad guy, boogeyman and scapegoat. In the case of our government, this would be the evil rich, big corporations and someone or something to point to as the cause of all your ills. Is it any wonder why the Patriots decided to play along with the fine and punishment for the team? Does that remind any of you how a crony capitalist company pays a $20 BILLION fine after pocketing hundreds of billions elsewhere? Just try to talk with someone about how there’s no proof anything occurred with Deflategate other than the ideal gas law being in effect during a football game when it was cold outside. Then tell me if that doesn’t remind you of trying to talk to a Hillary, Bernie or Donald supporter? To most football fans, Deflategate has nothing but villains on both sides, which is also this presidential election in a nutshell.

Let’s get away from the people and get into a few facts about Deflategate. In the history of the NFL there has never been a problem with the inflation of footballs during the games until some team complained about it during the 2014 regular season. And like any politician, even a perceived problem from an aggrieved constituent (in this case the aggrieved was a team that keeps losing to the Patriots) is always an opportunity for someone with the personality disorder of a Roger Goodell (who used to work for the Jets, another loser) that can’t be ignored. So Roger Dodger did what all good weasels do: plan a way to get back at the team he hates. No sense in seeing if there’s really a problem when you can exact revenge, right?

So Goodell comes up with a plan to put the blame on the biggest personality, Tom Brady, and sets his trap. Just like everyone knows tires lose pressure when it’s cold and gain pressure when it’s warm (just check the government-mandated tire pressure sensors on your car parked outside over the next few mornings and then after Country Jam), Goodell knows this about footballs. Then, knowing that Brady prefers his footballs at 12.5 psi, just let the weather take over, yell “cat juggling!” and then hang Brady out to dry in the court of uninformed public opinion knowing every football fan not rooting for the Pats would jump on board.

Some will argue there’s a report out there proving this. There isn’t. The report is incomplete and ignores facts, physics and that four of five Colts’ footballs also measured under the league minimum for pressure, but the league ran out of time to check them all. Wait, select data from a report designed to prove the NFL’s point of view?  And of course, the league also hid the data from measuring all of the footballs from last year’s games when it promised disclosure on how it was solving its greatest (alleged) problem. Would that be because that data would support there’s no problem at all? And the league certainly can’t have the people knowing the truth.

Sounds like Deflategate and climate change are one in the same. Just as the NFL and our federal government are run by the same caliber of people.

And we’re the only ones losing.