Firm connects homeowner associations and businesses

A new marketing firm offers services that help homeowners’ associations (HOAs) create relationships with businesses that can meet their needs.

“In this new economy, it’s more important that ever that Western Colorado HOAs connect with the right business partners to help their communities thrive,” said Barbara Lucks, founder of Your HOA Team based in Mack.

The firm connects homeowners’ associations and businesses through a multi-faceted exchange of information and resources, Luck said. The firm combines traditional face-to-face networking and customer education with Internet social media.

In addition to a maintaining a Web site, Your HOA Team offers services related to advertising, collective representation, community projects, networking, public relations, referrals and trade events.

Your HOA Team serves seven Western Slope counties with demographics ranging from resorts to ranchlands. “Every area has its own way of doing businesses,” said Lucks, who plans to hire customer service representatives to search each area.

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