Firm helps employees access mental health services

John Gribben

A Grand Junction-based company offers resources that enable employees to access counseling at a time when demand for mental health services has increased.

“Triad EAP partners with local counselors and employers to remove barriers to accessing mental health services,” said John Gribben, president of the firm.

Triad EAP works with businesses and organizations to provide benefit programs that assist employees with personal and work-related problems. Those include everything from substance abuse and depression to financial and legal issues to resolving workplace conflicts and performance problems. The company serves Colorado and parts of other Rocky Mountain states.

Gribben said the programs overcome such barriers to seeking mental health services as concerns about costs or how to find a counselor. 

Triad EAP offers around-the-clock crisis counseling to employees and their family members. The firm also can bring counselors to workplaces affected by such events as the death of an employee.

Triad EAP also offers a proactive approach through team building, training and organizational development, Gribben said.

There’s a return on the investment in employee assistance programs, he said. When mental, emotional, financial and legal challenges affect employees, the results are higher health care costs, less productivity, more accidents and low morale.

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