Firm opens retail solar store

A solar system installation company has opened in the Mesa Mall in Grand Junction what’s billed as the first residential solar retail store in the country.

Following the approach of such companies as Apple, AT&T and Disney, Syndicated Solar expects to engage more directly with a broader potential customer base in offering information about solar energy.

“The fundamental idea here is make ‘going solar’ easy and low-pressure for our customers. We can give a broad base of homeowners an opportunity to save money using this exciting and environmentally friendly technology,” said Justin Pentelute, founder and chief executive officer of Syndicated Solar.

The store, located next to the Cabela’s in the mall, offers an opportunity for potential customers to meet with consultants, ask questions and obtain tailored proposals and installation details on the spot. Customers will find out how much they could reduce monthly utility bills and view satellite images of their rooftops to determine if their homes would be good candidates for solar systems. In addition, the store will host weekly events that offer participants an opportunity to ask questions about solar systems as well as potential savings, tax incentives and rebates.

“We visit with customers in their homes every day and are astonished to find how few people understand how much money they can truly save,” Pentelute said.

Syndicated Solar was founded in Grand Junction in 2009 and since has installed nearly 300 solar systems nationwide. The company is now headquartered in Denver and operates additional offices in California and Missouri. For more information about Syndicated Solar, call 616-6747 or visit