Focus On: Philanthropy The spirit of the season

Lisa Mullen

            We believe that giving to our local charities is an important part of owning a business,” say Lisa Mullen, owner of Rocky Mountain Sanitation, “Our community supports us and we need to help make it a better place. We enjoy being able to help whether it is donating services, our time or money.”

            Mullen’s company adopts a family each year that employees donate toward in helping the families enjoy Christmas, has many charities the company helps year after year, while also looking to help more specific ones on a case by case basis each year, and looks for charitable opportunities that stay in the Grand Valley.

Robert Bray

“Giving back to the community in terms of time, talent and treasure is something instilled in me years ago by my father,” says Robert Bray of Bray and Company Real Estate,” “When we address the societal needs of our community, it makes for a much more viable community.”

            Bray and Company supports housing-need related charities including The House for this year and Habitat for Humanity, Latimer House and The Homeless Shelter in past years, to name a few. The company also has a staff active in the community through volunteerism and the company donates to fundraisers the staff is involved in.

Norm franke

  “In every Alpine Bank community we serve, the bank is a major donor and supporter of local nonprofits,” says Norm Franke, local President of Alpine Bank. Alpine’s philanthropic efforts span many different kinds of charities including community events, the arts, animal shelters, sports and recreation, and particularly children and education. In fact, Alpine bank provides each of its employees with 24 hours of paid volunteer time each year which means that as a corporation, the bank has the potential to provide over 14,000 hours per year to helping improve lives of individuals in its communities.

            “Living and working is such a great community is a privilege,” says Nina Anderson, owner of Express Employment Services, “Charity and volunteer time is a small token of our appreciation for the privilege.”

Nina Anderson
Nina Anderson

            Anderson and her employees review their participation each year and enjoy finding charities with a passion for their cause that share the staff’s passion. The company also encourages the families of their staff to participate by keeping philanthropy top of mind (easy to do as the company helps people in need of a job find work) and continues a tradition of working with housing-need charities like Habitat, Homeward Bound and GJ Housing Authority.

            “Investing in our local community is an important part of our Vision and Values,” says Steve Irion, Community Banking President for Wells Fargo in Grand Junction, “We know that the vibrancy of our local community is directly related to the strength of our business.  That’s why we contribute to many local nonprofits with dollars and volunteer hours.”

Steve Irion

Wells Fargo has a long standing tradition of philanthropic efforts toward education, civic and economic development, human services and the arts and cultural needs of the community. Wells Fargo also encourages its staff to be active in the community and supports team programs like Habitat for Humanity builds, Teach Children to Save and Get Smart About Credit. The Colorado team also gave a record over $1.2 million in donations to the Community Support/United Way program in 2010 where team members can also pick and direct their charitable contributions.

            “We view charity as a responsibility and an investment to our communities,” says Kim Doose, of Dalby, Wendland and Company, “Real success comes from building strong relationships and being engaged with the people who live and work in our community.”


Dalby Team

   Dalby supports more than 100 charities in Western Colorado in the communities it serves, including Glenwood Springs, Montrose, Vail, Telluride, and Rifle. Dalby encourages its employees to become involved in the community with charities they have a personal passion for and the company highlights a local charity each week on its company blog and Facebook page. Dalby has one additional outreach campaign that is the result of the business the company specializes in, helping clients deduct charitable donations.

            “At Humphrey RV, we have enjoyed working with Habitat for Humanity because of the ripple effect,” says Brad Humphrey, with a little levity to boot, “It gets the extra stuff out of the house which saves on marriage counseling.”   

Brad Humphrey

All kidding aside, Humphrey believes that the donations save on adding to the landfill as useable households parts and items can be reused, that the Habitat Home Store provides jobs in the community and is a place where people who have a job to do around the house-but don’t have a lot of money-can find a great deal and most important, that it helps Habitat build quality homes for families.