Four honored for roles in promoting wine industry

A trade association of wine grape growers and wineries has honored four people for their roles in promoting the Colorado wine industry.

Barb Bowman, Debbie Kovalik, Sylvia Sharpe and Dave Tewksbury all were named Friends of Colorado Wine by the Colorado Association for Viticulture and Enology (CAVE). The awards were presented at the conclusion of a regional conference in Grand Junction.

“These four friends of the industry have been instrumental in helping the Colorado wine industry grow, and we simply cannot say enough about their individual contributions,” said Cassidee Shull, executive director of CAVE. “This was one way we could say, ‘Thank you.’”

Kovalik and Bowman oversee the Grand Junction Visitor & Convention Bureau and long have been involved in promoting what’s billed as Colorado Wine Country through advertising and publicity campaigns as well as on billboards, buses, maps and trains all over Colorado, the United States and around the world.

Sylvia Sharpe, a CAVE staff supporter and volunteer, long has worked as a volunteer coordinator for the annual Colorado Mountain Winefest, organizing pre-event meetings, recruiting help and working with event guests. Sharpe has become a key volunteer for two major Winefest events in the state.

 Tewksbury operates the Tewsbury & Co. cigar shop and Colorado wine tasting room in downtown Denver.  Throughout his career in retail, Tewksbury has pushed Colorado wine forward well before other industry members even noticed its existence. He starting his efforts with the Vineyard in the 1970s.

CAVE promotes the wine industry through advocacy, networking and research. The group promotes the interests of the industry in legislative and political matters, offers a forum for an exchange of ideas and disseminates information about optimum agricultural and winemaking practices. For more information, visit the website at