Fruita dentist joins in effort to prevent injuries

Dr. Gary Andreoletti
Dr. Gary Andreoletti

A Fruita dentist has joined in an annual campaign to prevent injuries to teeth as well as the face, jaw, lips and tongue.

“Spring is a dangerous time for facial injuries and a perfect time to build awareness,” said Gary Andreoletti.

April is National Facial Protection Month. As part of the campaign, Andreoletti urges people to wear mouth guards, helmets and other safety equipment when they participate in sports and other activities that pose a risk for injuries.

“Any time you engage in an activity where your face can come in contact with something hard like a ball or even the pavement, then you should be wearing a mouth guard,” Andreoletti said.

The American Dental Association recommends the use of custom-fitted mouth guards provided by dentists.

“The cost of this protection is minimal compared to the thousands of dollars it will cost to repair a lost or broken tooth,” Andreoletti said. “Mouth guards are a smart investment in your dental health.”

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