Fruita dentist offers help in managing snoring and sleep apnea

Dr. Gary Andreoletti
Dr. Gary Andreoletti

A Fruita dentist offers oral appliance therapy to help patients manage snoring and sleep apnea.

Gary Andreoletti belongs to the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and has been trained to treat snoring and sleep apnea.

“About 90 million Americans suffer from snoring activity during sleep. While half of these people are just snoring, the other half may have a serious sleep disorder called obstructive sleep apnea,” Andreoletti said.

Dentists can’t diagnose sleep apnea, he said. That requires a sleep lab study. But dentists can help to treat the condition.

With oral appliance therapy, a custom-fit mouth guard-like device is worn during sleep to maintain an open airway, Andreoletti said. “The device helps to prevent the collapse of the tongue and soft tissues in the back of the throat, keeping the airway open and allowing for adequate air intake.”

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