Fruita doctor offers new pain treatment

Dr. Kenneth Lewis

Dr. Kenneth Lewis, a practitioner at Western Rockies Interventional Pain Specialists and Family Health West in Fruita, is the first in the region to offer chronic pain treatment using a new spinal cord stimulator.

“Precision Spectra is the latest and most advanced spinal cord stimulator device available, and we are proud to be the first on the Western Slope to offer this treatment,” Lewis said. “We now have the potential to provide more pain relief to patients who suffer from chronic, debilitating pain, which may lead to improved outcomes.”

 With spinal cord stimulation therapy, a patient undergoes a surgical procedure to implant a pulse generator. Thin wires are placed in the space above the spinal cord to target areas of pain. Contacts at the ends of the wires send electrical impulses to mask pain messages traveling to the brain. Developed by Boston Scientific, Precision Spectra features 32 contacts and power sources to double the coverage of other devices.

By one estimate, more than 100 million people in the United States suffer chronic pain and struggle to find relief.

“Since pain can be very complex to treat, many patients cycle through various therapies before finding spinal cord stimulation,” Lewis said. “I would encourage anyone living with chronic pain to talk to their physician to see if it is right for them.”

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