Fruita medical practice promotes awareness of migraine headaches

Gary Andreoletti
Gary Andreoletti

An expanded Fruita medical practice that offers treatments for migraine headaches plans to raise public awareness of the disease during January, Migraine Awareness Month.

“Almost everyone either knows someone who has suffered from migraines or has struggled with migraines themselves,” said Gary Andreoletti, a dentist who operates the TMJ migraine Therapy Center. “We are taking this opportunity to connect with our medical community to educate the public as to the seriousness of this condition.”

Andreoletti said migraine suffers can take steps to prevent severe episodes by maintaining regular eating and sleeping schedules, drinking alcoholic beverages only in moderation and avoiding exposure to cigarette smoke and perfume.

Andreoletti said the center diagnoses and treats patients with headaches and jaw pain with programs that address imbalances among the muscles and joints of the jaw, head and neck; the alignment of teeth as they come together to bite; and stress. Treatments are tailored to each patient and include home care equipment and exercises as well as appliances that protect the mouth.

Andreoletti operates his practice at 576 Kokopelli Blvd, Suite B. For more information, call 858-4544 or log on to the website at