Get in touch with God, turn the government off

There are times when I come to the office on deadline Tuesdays and think to myself, “I honestly have nothing I care to write about because, quite frankly, this is getting to all be a bit much.”

Some of my friends tell me this is because I pay too much attention to what’s going on all over the world instead of focusing on local news and my business. I believe that’s valid to a point. But then again, look at the lead story lines from just the past few days:

Oil could hit $200 to $300 per barrel if there is unrest in Saudi Arabia

Our federal government hasn’t had a budget in place since 2009

Violence is spreading in the Middle East and throughout the world.

More countries and many of our states are running headlong toward defaulting on their debts.

The price of food around the world is soaring.

Government continues to intrude into almost every aspect of our lives.

And, of course, the real sign the apocalypse is upon us: Charlie Sheen.

I would gather that most of you would find all of this overwhelming as well, particularly when it gets stirred into the recipe that is our everyday work, social and family lives. I think this is exactly how those who believe they have the right to be in charge of those of us who don’t know better want it to be. Worse yet, these folks will use any and every means possible to make sure things stay this way.

I have one other very firm belief when it comes to progressives and do-gooders who live their lives under the guise of public service and helping those less fortunate: Whatever these folks say they’re doing, you can bet the result is exactly the opposite. Here are two other news stories I recently read that affirm my belief.

The first story I refer to is one that states the U.S. government spent more than $1 trillion versus taking in $128 billion during March. The government spent nearly eight times more money than it took in last month. Now much of the blame rests on the fact that our government had to redeem Treasury securities totaling

$705 billion. And just how did our government paying off these securities? That’s right, it borrowed more money.

My first question is who owned these Treasuries that were being redeemed and who in the world did the government sell the new Treasuries to in satisfying these debts? My suspicion is that this is all monetized via the American taxpayer. In other words, the government is borrowing and paying off monies back and forth between itself and itself to finance all of the programs it has no money for. Try that at our bank branch and tell me how it goes. Of course, everyone in Washington continues to tell us they desire fiscal responsibility, a balanced budget and spending cuts. Yet these same people are doing things that anyone with a modicum of economic savvy understands will bankrupt this country. It’s the same tired rhetoric that is the opposite of reality being used for a political result.

The other story I read covered President Obama’s spiritual advisor, Jim Wallace (so glad he dumped Jeremiah), and some other men of faith who were about to go on a hunger strike to oppose the much-needed budget cuts and reigning in of spending in Washington. Of course, according to them, they’re doing this in the name of those less fortunate, social justice and because these cuts lack conscience. The money quote from the story came from Tony Hall (no relation, and if he were, I’d still deny it) when he stated, “It’s how we tell God we mean business.”

My first thought is simply, who are any of us to tell God we mean business? Unless, that is, to tell Him we’re dedicated to live our lives according to His word and commandments. My second question is just where does it say we have to support those in need via a variety of redundant government programs and not through the charities and places of worship of our choice? And who are these folks to determine what charities are deserving of our money, particularly when it’s the money our government confiscates?

Wouldn’t charity be better served if government spending was put inside its constitutional limits and taxpayers had more money to give where their hearts lead them? My suspicion here is that these folks’ charities have a nice little side business going with government funding and would literally starve if they had to get funds on their own merits.

Now you may think these two stories are completely unrelated in terms of my malaise. I would say that you couldn’t be more wrong. I believe the will of the people is with our Constitution, founding fathers and their principles and the laws of economics. The kind of people who said what they meant and did what they said, all under the providence of God.

Is it really any wonder the results our leaders achieve are the opposite of what God wants for His people?