Getting together to answer a higher calling

Founder of what is affectionately called the “God Squad” helps local businessmen network with God first.

           I think it is very unique to find a group of business guys willing to give up their early Friday mornings to come and talk about spiritual things,” says Scott Holzschuh, “Too often networking is seen as a quick way to add clients or business. Our focus is not on building business leads, but building deep, lasting spiritual direction together and it seems out of that grows a trust and confidence in each other that is unique and meaningful.”

            The time spent together on Friday mornings has led to deeper relationships outside the group time for the members and many of them have found a more meaningful opportunity to network out of deep, true fellowship. Additionally, the group’s demographic ranges from a newly married young man who is 24 and an 84 year old who is just as interested in his own spiritual growth and calling. “It’s been amazing to see the interaction and growth over the years,” adds Holzschuh.

            Holzschuh says that the group gathers every Friday at 6:15 and hangs out in the Office Outfitters & Planners kitchen eating donuts and drinking coffee prior to a half hour of study which begins at 6:30. After study, the men break out into smaller groups for another half hour or so. “It’s often in these informal settings that you learn about a guy, his family, his life and what makes him tick.”

            This informal interaction, supported by a more formal spiritual teaching and formation time, followed by some heart to heart conversations in smaller groups, has been significant for many of the men who come to The God Squad. All told, there are anywhere from 15 to 20 members attending from various churches all over the valley at any given meeting, and more than a few of the men have been active with the squad for the entire decade. “It’s in this safe environment that they can share job layoffs, illness, marital difficulties, and yes, sometimes business issues.”

            “Many men find themselves alone in the deeper, more significant, areas of life. Finding men who are willing to walk into meaningful areas such as spirituality and understanding issues of faith, is a unique and often inspiring benefit, explains Holzschuh, “I would say that many of the men who attend regularly see this group not as a networking platform, but as a lifeline of support, fellowship, and to some extent accountability.” 

            “Networking to me is not a 3 minute conversation about what you do and what I do and passing a business card to follow up,” Holzschuh continues, “I believe being in a relationship with other people is like breathing–If you stop, you die. Networking for me is like that. I will always seek ways to help men pursue and express their own spirituality. I believe it is part of what God expects us all to do.”

            Hozschuh adds that the God Squad is a way for men to have “iron sharpening iron” with other men who want to talk about and wrestle with life’s significant issues. The group helps these men stay sharp and focused. “Economically, I succeed as others see in me a unique set of values that might help them, encourage them, and sometimes serve them in ways that they don’t expect.  I love working with business owners who often need someone who’s walked their walk to come along side them for encouragement and accountability.”

            The weekly God Squad meeting is open to any man seeking to pursue his spiritual walk, “And that in itself is an open door ‘networking’ opportunity, but more important, one with a primary focus to grow spiritually.”