Going solar for $0 down

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

By Craig Hall

New program presents a unique leasing opportunity  for homeowners and small business people 

           Small business owners and homeowners now have a choice in making their decision before installing solar panels to their home of office building. “With this new leasing program you can literally have your solar panels installed for no money out of pocket,” says Steve Romo of Atlasta Solar, “And your lease payments will be less than your current bill for electricity.”

            Romo, along with Lou Villaire also of Atlasta, will be conducting a class at the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce on March 8, from 2-4pm, to help educate homeowners and small businesspeople regarding the differences and advantages of leasing or buying solar. “The class isn’t a sales pitch, it’s going to be educational in helping people make the decision that is best for them tax wise, in terms of depreciation consideration, financing and whether it is better in their particular situation to lease of to buy,” says Villaire.

            Romo adds that while the new lease program is designed for homeowners, it is indeed something small business owners can look at and take advantage based on the size of their particular building. Additionally, there will be a more comprehensive program for larger business coming out later in the year.

            “This program is sure to expand the market for solar with homeowners,” says Romo. “And whether someone chooses to lease or purchase solar, there are advantages to both programs. Regardless, homeowners and business owners will be given a significant costs savings and hedge against electricity price increases for the next 20 years.”