Grand Junction firm awarded Russian contract

A Grand Junction engineering consulting company has been awarded a contract to evaluate coal mine methane recovery projects in Russia.

Ruby Canyon Engineering is expected to complete its evaluation of the United Nations Development Program Global Environment Facility project by September.

The objective of the project is to reduce so-called greenhouse gas emissions believed to contribute to global warming by implementing commercially feasible coal mine methane recovery and utilization projects in Russia. The project is expected to provide the basis for a wide-scale replication of similar projects in the future and support the establishment of a specialized coal mine methane recovery and utilization company.

The United Nations program promotes connections that help countries address various issues.

Michael Coté, president of Ruby Canyon Engineering, traveled to Siberia in July to visit with the director of the coal mine recovery company as well as government officials and coal mine company representatives. Coté also inspected methane recovery and utilization projects.

Ruby Canyon Engineering offers a range of technical consulting services related to quantifying, managing and reducing greenhouse gases. The firm also offers third-party validation and verification for credits and offsets for greenhouse gas and carbon emissions in the United States and internationally.