Grand Junction, Mesa County to study 29 Road interchange

The City of Grand Junction and Mesa County have agreed to conduct a preliminary environmental study of a proposed 29 Road interchange with Interstate Highway 70.

The Grand Junction City Council and Mesa County Commission approved a memorandum of understanding establishing lines of communication and responsibilities for work needed to complete the study.

The planning and environmental linkages (PEL) study will focus on 29 Road from Patterson Road north to I-70, crossing the highway and connecting with a new road to Grand Junction Regional Airport.

Mesa County is expected to soon request proposals for a firm to conduct the work. The study is scheduled for completion by fall, and the cost will be split between the city and county.

A PEL study constitutes the first step in the process to gather information that will be used to identify transportation and environmental issues with the proposed project. The PEL study will evaluate the purpose and need for the project, determine project size and develop and refine a range of alternatives.

The PEL study will link planning to environmental issues and result in information that can be used in the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process as part of the Colorado Department of Transportation planning process.