Grand Junction orthopedics practice offers hip arthroscopy

Dr. Kennan Vance

Western Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in Grand Junction now offers hip arthroscopy, a new procedure that offers a less invasive approach to treating hip pain.

Kennan Vance is the only orthopedic surgeon in Western Colorado to offer the procedure, according to LeeAnn Shobe, chief executive officer of Western Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

“The hip joint is the last of the large joints to utilize this minimally invasive technique that has revolutionized the way we perform surgery,” Vance said. “Until recently, the treatment options were very limited for non-arthritic hip pain. Now, many patients can benefit from this innovative procedure that can help restore their quality of life.”

Hip arthroscopy allows surgeons to use a small camera to look inside the hip joint as well as repair small tears in the joint capsule, joint surface and labrum, Vance said. “Many of the procedures that are now performed during hip arthroscopy allow surgeons to address problems that were previously undiagnosed and untreated.”

Vance joined Western Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in 2008. A board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Vance completed a sports medicine fellowship at the Taos Orthopedic Institute. He holds a medical degree from Western University of Health Sciences in California and completed his orthopedic training at Michigan State University. 

Western Orthopedics & Sports Medicine operates offices at 2020 N. 12th St. For more information about hip arthroscopy or the practice, call 245-0484 or visit the website located at