Grand Junction visitor guide combines new look with technology

A new Grand Junction visitor guide not only features a fresh look, but also incorporates technology offering links to interactive digital materials that will help users plan trips to the area.

“We not only wanted to redesign the 2015 Grand Junction Visitor Guide, we wanted to bring it to life with seamlessly integrated technology within the printed piece,” said Mistalynn Meyeraan, marketing and public relations director for the Grand Junction Visitor & Convention Bureau.

“We are grateful to all of our partners involved in this extensive project. This guide is thoughtfully designed to take guests through the planning process and create enough inspiration that they complete the booking process,” Meyeraan said.

The new guide was a collaborative effort involving the VCB, Pilgrim advertising agency and Miles Partnership Web site marketing agency.

The guide features new photographs and short stories intended to inspire potential visitors as well as information that makes it easier to plan and visualize their trips.

The guide also offers an augmented reality experience for users. The Layar App brings the printed visitor guide to life by integrating such digital content as videos, photo slideshows and direct links to Web sites and social media into the piece. To use Layar, the user must first download the free app. Then, similar to a QR code, the printed page that has been enhanced with Layar technology is scanned. Multiple digital content options virtually appear on the page, allowing users to interact with videos, text or audio files.

The VCB is one of the first known destination marketing organizations in  Colorado — or the United States — to use the technology within a marketing brochure.

“We’re always looking for emerging technology that can help our clients reach visitors in new and exciting ways. Layar’s augmented reality app is a perfect example of how a traditional print piece like a visitor guide can evolve in the 21st century,” said David Burgess, president of Miles Partnership.