Grand Valley businesses launch new line of personal computer systems

Aspen Street Computers and Palisade PC have launched a line of personal computer systems.

Aspen Street Computers in Fruita also will serve as an outlet for Clear Talk cellular telephones. In addition, the business offers courses in operating Microsoft programs.

The new line of I-70 computer systems offer a business, home and gaming machine assembled in Fruita. Palisade PC offers a 10 percent discount on all I-70 purchases during April.

Starting April 16, Aspen Street Computers will serve as an outlet for Clear Talk cell phones, offering phones and month-to-month services with no contract.

Aspen Street Computers also offers courses in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. The courses meet weekly for six weeks.

Aspen Street Computers and Palisade PC offer a wide range of computers and accessories as well as such services as computer repairs and business and home networking

Aspen Street Computers is located at 233 East Aspen Ave. Palisade PC is located at 309 West 8th St. For more information, call 858-9186 in Fruita, 773-3077 in Palisade or log on to