Grand Valley Oncology offers educational platform

Ryan Bagley
Ryan Bagley

Community Hospital’s Grand Valley Oncology has joined with Outcome Health to offer a new patient education platform to help cancer patients better navigate treatment options and improve outcomes.

“We are excited to offer this new innovative technology to our patients,” said Dr. Ryan Bagley, a radiation oncologist at Grand Valley Oncology. “We always strive to provide the highest level of care possible to each and every patient, and we believe this new program will help patients navigate their treatment options and help ease any fears they may have along the way.”

Available content includes information on clinical trials, measuring tumors and eating well. The short educational videos are designed to provide easy to understand resources on conditions and procedures to help patients understand why they’re in the office and prepare them for consultations.

The platform also empowers patients with healthy recipes, workout routines, ways to reduce the side effects of treatments and other strategies to help them manage their health.

The program also includes digital anatomy wallboards in exam rooms to help patients understand their cancers and treatment options. Oncologists use the wallboards to improve consultations with their patients. Oncologists can display and interact with high resolution and three-dimensional digital images of the human body; zoom in on such organs as the lungs, prostate, throat, colon and breasts; and animate various stages of cancer.

In addition, Grand Valley Oncology offers tablets at each infusion station that offers a variety of educational, entertainment and supportive resource programming intended to help ease a patient’s time spent in the infusion area.

The tablets are equipped with newly released movies to help pass the time during immunotherapy treatment. The tablets also provide direct access to local and national support groups along with other oncology educational materials and inspirational survivorship stories.

For additional information about the program as well as other services provided by Grand Valley Oncology, call 254-3180 or visit the website located at