Grand Valley podiatrist shares advice on pedicures

Charles Daniel
Charles Daniel

While pedicures can be enjoyable, they also pose risks if they’re not done properly, according to Charles Daniel, a podiatrist who owns the Grand Valley Foot and Ankle Center in Grand Junction.

“We see an increase in fungal and viral infections like warts and athletes foot during pedicure season. Oftentimes, these may be caused from a lack of proper sanitation at pedicure salons in between clients,” Daniel said.

State law requires salon operators to clean and disinfect foot baths before each pedicure, Daniel said. Cleaning means washing with soap, water and antiseptics. Disinfecting includes the use of approved chemicals that destroy pathogens, he said. Metal instruments should be soaked in liquid disinfectants as well, while non-metal instruments should be used once and thrown away.

Daniel also offered some other do’s and don’ts for pedicures whether they’re done at home or in a salon.

Toenail clippers with a straight edge should be used to cut nails straight across. People should bring their own pedicure utensils to a salon to minimize the transfer of bacteria. People with diabetes or poor circulation in their feet should check first with a medical professional  before getting a pedicure.

Women should avoid shaving their legs before a pedicure or allow the use of a foot razor to remove dead skin. People should avoid using the same instruments for both a manicure and pedicure. The edges of toenails shouldn’t be rounded. This increases the chance of ingrown toenails. Moreover, cuticles shouldn’t but cut.

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