Grand Valley residents appointed to state boards

Four Grand Valley residents have been appointed to state boards.

Nathan Perry, an associate professor of economics at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, is among seven appointees to an advisory committee that helps project revenue for the state government.

Perry was named to the Governor’s Estimating Advisory Committee. The committee was created to assist the Office of State Planning and Budgeting. The office in turn provides the State Legislature with revenue estimates.

David Mok-Lamme was appointed to the eHealth Commission. Mok-Lamme represents health insurance providers on the commission, which sets goals for health information technology programs and creates a process for developing policies and technical solutions.

Lori Buck was appointed to the judicial nominating committee for the 21st Judicial District. Buck serves as a non-attorney Republican from Mesa County on the committee, which selects nominees for county and district judicial vacancies.

David Monroe was appointed to the Developmental Disabilities Council. Monroe represents the state protection and advocacy system on the council, which coordinates services and advocates for people with developmental disabilities.