Great topic, I can get a good 20 minutes out of it

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

Have you ever heard that said by someone who’s funny or at least thinks they’re funny? Much to my friends’ dismay, I say it a lot. And then I go on to either be funny — or not — depending on the situation, beer and listeners’ sense of humor.

But apply that same trait to the president of the United States and there’s much less humor involved. You see, when it comes to how dangerous today’s world really is, how much you have to say means next to nothing versus what you should say and, more importantly, do.

Although I’ve been trying to write more about local happenings, what happened in Paris last week has our president saying much, doing little and emboldening our enemies. I will state for the record I didn’t listen to Barack Obama’s speech in Turkey, and I’m happy to tell you why. I can’t listen to the man. And before you get all “well then how can you comment about what he said” on me, please realize that technology allows for what he said to be transmitted very easily. Also, don’t give me the “context” argument either, as the man is nothing if not an attempt to control the message via talking point. So one sentence pull-outs of his speeches are exactly what the man wants.

And yes, I understand that speeches are part of the job, that the president has an obligation to the citizens of our country to make them and that the world is looking to the United States for some leadership on these issues, particularly related to terrorism. My question after researching Obama’s speech is simple: Why? I mean, I can see spouting this rhetorical nonsense at a bar, in the faculty lounge amongst the tenured and at a university, liberal sit-in. But on the world stage?

Let’s see what the pontificator in chief came up with.

Obama stated that it’s tough to fight an enemy willing to die for its beliefs. Well, yeah. It is. But we have, and many have given their last full measure in doing so. I thank God daily we have men and women willing to die to protect our way of life. And while Obama can indeed drone on about the fervor of an enemy dedicated to its cause, would it kill him to take one tenth of the time to talk about the challenges Americans have faced over the centuries that many have deemed lost or impossible tasks for mankind?

We have had millions die to further the cause of freedom whether we were freeing slaves or oppressed peoples, we went to the moon, we’ve recovered from economic despair on many occasions (yes, even the government solutions to them), we give more to charity than all other nations combined (even after the government confiscates for its version of charity) and we have countless times since our founding taken up the cause of the oppressed and downtrodden. But we can’t defeat 50,000 zealots living in the desert? Maybe Obama doesn’t have the will to do it, but America does. The American soldier does. Freedom does. God does. Then again, talking points people have little knowledge about vigilance and sacrifice.

Obama said we don’t have a “religious test” for our compassion. Besides the insanity of where that particular specific statement came from, it is life experience where our compassion comes from, and for many of us, our “religion” is indeed a very big factor. And Obama would be hard pressed to find a more compassionate nation. But does he talk about that? Does he talk about the “religious test” the Islamists put on those Christians at that university in Kenya before executing them for giving the wrong answer? Of course not, it’s just another talking point to quiet opponents and make Christians cower. Oddly, when it comes to religious tests related to compassion, apparently Obama has one should the winds change in an ugly direction.

Finally, can we talk about the “screening” of these Syrian refugees, of which most of them are neither? The fact is, we have no idea just who is or isn’t in the country legally for untold millions. And for some reason we’re supposed to believe our government has the ability to actually screen these folks as well? Permit me to ask, just what source are we using to vet them? What database is available to know who’s a Syrian and in need of refugee status? Why do we need to take them in instead of Arab countries?  What questions will be asked and who will be in charge of asking them?

Sounds like the United Nations will be charge of all of the above. And we know just how much it has the interests of America at heart. I wonder, how many Christians will die today in the Middle East never getting the chance to be interviewed as refugees?

Obama said we should stop “popping off” about his ideas on this crisis unless we have a plan of our own. We have one (as do your advisors you are surely ignoring), and it’s the American ideal. The one the world has been waiting for us to take the lead with. Evil is coming. Hell, evil is here. And while America is willing, Obama’s flesh is weak. And all the talking in the world won’t change that.