Group donates $20,100 to school district foundation

A philanthropic group has donated more than $20,000 to the Mesa County School District 51 Foundation.

Members of the Giving Club in Grand Junction donated a total of $20,100 to the foundation and its mission to support the academic growth and achievement of students in the district.

Members of the club pledge to make four $100 tax-deductible contributions annually.  Members nominate three organizations to receive donations, then vote to determine which organization receives the funding.

“We are thrilled to make an award this large to the D51 Foundation,” said Illene Roggensack, co-founder of the Giving Club. “This is our 11th meeting since the club started in August 2014, when we made our first gifts totaling $8,500. Since then, we’ve realized steady and impressive growth in our membership and are now on task to contribute a total of more than $185,000 in our first three years. It’s a significant number, and we really are quite proud of it.”

Roggensack said individual donations add up to large collective gifts. “We now have 186 women involved and were able to kick in a few more dollars from residual hospitality fees to put this gift to the D51 Foundation up over the $20,000 mark, a terrific milestone for us.”

The Giving Club also has played a role in starting two similar groups — the Guys’ Giving Club and Giving Club of Montrose.

“Among us, we awarded $35,000 to three different nonprofits in a 24-hour period,” Roggensack said. “This means we’ve gathered 350 people who are genuinely excited to write $100 checks to organizations they believe are vital contributors to our local quality of life. It feels good to be involved with such a group of men and women.”

For more information, contact Judy Vanderleest at 260-6140 or Kevin Van Gundy at 243-8839.