Growing good health for a lifetime

Jacob Swinn was back home coaching his old swim club in Oregon, while at the same time looking for a job that would fulfill his desire to be coach and be involved in aquatics, when the perfect job offer bought him Colorado Mesa University.

And now Jacob finds himself in charge of the university’s swim team as well as all of its aquatic activities, including Maverick Aquatics, a growing group of local youth who have taken to the pool to compete all over the state region with growing success as well.

“It helps having the university for support and logistics,” says Swinn, “It is integral in helping our kids get to more and better meets, and the complex here is second to none in the state. Plus with Colorado Mesa University’s relationship with Nike, it keeps costs down for parents, and in some cases, the kids can even be outfitted through Nike when they qualify for certain meets.”

Swinn continues to foresee growth for the Mavericks. “Our young kids group has grown to nearly 30 members and that should rise even more as summer nears,” says Swinn, “It helps grow interest in swimming and will help us become more competitive with larger population teams as time goes along.”

 Swinn adds that swimming is very good sport for kids to compete in, particularly for parents who have a concern about injuries to their kids. Additionally, swimming is an incredibly good way to exercise and great cross training for kids who play other sports. “We teach kids about health and nutrition as well, plus we give them a love for an exercise and healthy regimen they can use for the rest of their lives. Any day you come to our aquatics center, you’ll people swimming from the very young to several people I know who are in their 80s.”