Health and wellness studio opens in Grand Junction

Melissa Carris

A new health and wellness studio in Grand Junction offers a variety of classes designed to help people take a more proactive role in their health.

“There is an ongoing need in this community for educational resources that promote the maintenance of healthy attitudes and practices,” said Melissa Carris, a licensed clinical psychologist and owner of Grand Junction Wellness.

“Our goal is to provide information and training in a forum where people can interact, ask questions and get support around how to improve — and then maintain — their physical and emotional health,” Carris said. “We believe this approach gives people the tools needed to renew their commitment to their overall wellness and find balance again. And healthy people lead to a community that thrives.”

Instructors at Grand Junction Wellness include psychologists, yoga therapists, a physician, a chiropractor and an educator. Carris said she expects additional instructors and guest speakers to join in the effort.

Registration is underway for a range of classes, including early morning and lunchtime meditation, gentle yoga for stress and pain reduction, yoga therapy for pain management and chair-supported yoga for balance and join health. Additional classes on pain and weight management and parenting soon will be offered.

Grand Junction Wellness is located at 743 Horizon Court, Suite 302-C. For more information, call 712-9797, send an email to or visit the website located at