Health care assessment under way

A series of meetings is planned as part of a community health needs assessment under way in the Grand Valley.

Family Health West is involved in the assessment in partnership with Colorado Strides, a program of the Colorado Rural Health Center. Three meetings with local residents and representatives of Mesa County agencies will help in assessing health and health care needs.

“This series of meetings, along with a community wide questionnaire, will allow lower valley residents and local leaders to engage with Family Health West in order to ensure that the organization is best meeting the health care needs of the people we serve and plan for the future as well,” said Mark Francis, president and chief executive officer of Family Health West.

Jason McCormick, chief financial officer of Family Health West, said, “We recognize that communities with vibrant economies, well-developed amenities and engaged leaders are the very communities best able to provide the best quality of care as well as to recruit and retain professional health care providers, an issue that hampers access to care in many parts of rural America.”

Family Health West operates a hospital and other health care facilities in Fruita. For more information, call 858-2104 or visit the website at