Health care network hires chief executive officer

Stephanie Motter
Stephanie Motter

Stephanie Motter has been hired as chief executive officer of Monument Health, a clinically integrated health care network in Mesa County.

Motter brings to the new position training and experience as a nurse practitioner as well as vice president for quality and clinical strategy at DaVita Healthcare Partners. Motter holds a bachelor’s degree from Smith College in economics and a master’s degree in nursing from Yale University.

Monument Health is a collaborative effort of Primary Care Partners, St. Mary’s Hospital and Rocky Mountain Health Plans.

“You can’t put a price on the peace of mind you feel when you know the providers in your care network are ranked among the nation’s best in terms of safety, effectiveness and commitment to patient-centered care,” Motter said. “The opportunity to lead the engine that drives transformation in health care delivery and to do that in the community that some of my family calls home is a winning combination.”

Dr. Michael Pramenko, a family physician who serves as executive director of Primary Care Partners, said Motter understands the role of quality measurement and paying for how well health care providers perform. “We are fundamentally changing health care delivery with coordinated care that reaches beyond the walls of any single care setting. Stephanie gets innovation and implementation. She recognizes the importance of greater access to care and affordable, accountable solutions.”

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