Health insurance provider launches blog, Facebook page

A Grand Junction-based health insurance provider has launched a blog and community Facebook page.

The new Rocky Mountain Health Plans blog is located at the Web site at Rocky Mountain Health Plans executives and experts write posts on the blog to provide insight into topics important to health care consumers. The blog focuses on three topics: health care reform at the federal and state levels, health and wellness issues and community involvement.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans also sponsors Colorado Grand Valley, a Facebook page that offers a resource for Western Colorado residents as well as visitors to the region.

Colorado Grand Valley highlights community events and local deals. The page also offers a venue at which people can share news, information about events, personal stories and more.

To find the page, log on to Facebook and search for Colorado Grand Valley.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans provides health insurance plans to employers and individuals as well as Medicaid, Medicare and Child Health Plan Plus beneficiaries. For more information, visit