Healthy efforts deserve accolades

Hilltop Community Resources in Grand Junction has earned well-deserved recognition for its efforts to foster a culture of health and wellness.

Hilltop was among only five employers nationwide to win the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award from the American Psychological Association. For an encore, Hilltop won the inaugural Governor’s Award for Worksite Wellness here in Colorado.

Hilltop earned the awards on the basis of long-standing efforts to promote employee health and well-being while also enhancing performance. The organization earned particular praise for its efforts to involve employees in implementing programs, encourage their participation and ultimately meet their needs.

Mike Stahl, chief executive officer at Hilltop, says the return on the investment includes improved teamwork, increased productivity and an engaged workforce intent on carrying out the mission of the organization. But for those watching the bottom line — and that’s nearly everyone in business — the benefits also have included decreases in health care costs and workers’ compensation insurance premiums, Stahl says.

There’s a lot for businesses to emulate in promoting health and wellness in their own workplaces. As it turns out, Hilltop can help in offering worksite wellness management services and providing the same kind of award-winning programs.

Congratulations to Hilltop Community Resources. Here’s hoping more businesses follow the example for the health of it.