Hearing set for proposed Xcel rate increase

A public hearing is planned for Grand Junction to gather public comments on a proposed increase in natural gas rates.

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission has scheduled the hearing for 4 p.m. June 16 at the Department of Veterans Affairs National Guard maintenance shop at 2810 Riverside Parkway.

Xcel Energy has proposed an increase in natural gas rates of $109.1 million in Colorado over the next three years to pay for investments in its natural gas pipeline distribution system.

The Xcel proposal includes a cumulative increase of $66.2 million in base rates and an additional cumulative increase of $49.2 million to extend and modify a pipeline system integrity adjustment. The company is proposing to increase revenues in steps over the course of the three-year plan.

If approved as filed, residential customers using an average of 64 therms would see monthly rates increase by about $1.76, or 3.4 percent, in 2015; by $1.10, or 2 percent in 2016; and $1.57, or 2.9 percent, in 2017.

The average small commercial customer’s monthly bill using 275 therm would increase by $6.81, or 3.2 percent, in 2015; by $4.57, or 2.1 percent, in 2016; and by $6.43, or 2.9 percent, in 2017.

People who wish to submit written comments about the rate proposal may send them to the PUC at 1560 Broadway, Suite 250, Denver, CO, 80202. Comments should be addressed to Docket No. 15AL-0135G. Customers may also submit e-mail comments to dora_puc_complaints@state.co.us; or use the on-line comment form.