Here’s an observance well worth celebrating

Every month is dedicated to an observance of some sort, and November is no exception. It’s Child Safety Protection Month and National Epilepsy Month.
It’s also National Model Railroad Month and Peanut Butter Lovers Month.

Rightfully more important to the Business Times and its readers, November is National Entrepreneurship Month. Moreover, Nov. 17 is Entrepreneurs’ Day.

While observances likely will go unnoticed by most in the public as preparations intensify for other upcoming holidays, the efforts of entrepreneurs certainly deserve attention and celebration as an integral part of what’s made the United States exceptional. Why is it that people tend take for granted those things most essential to their lives? Just like going without water or electricity, it would be difficult and inconvenient in the extreme to get by without the products and services developed and delivered by entrepreneurs. Go ahead. Turn off your smartphone. We dare you. Here’s something else to remember: Most people have jobs because of entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship has been a part of the evolution of America from the very beginning. The very act of creating a better country in which to live and the considerable risk involved in doing so — think revolution against what was at the time one of the most powerful nations in the world — is entrepreneurial.

Consider, too, the efforts of the remarkable entrepreneurs who transformed the United States into an industrial powerhouse following the devastation of the Civil War, among them Carnegie, Ford, Morgan, Rockefeller and Vanderbilt. Many of the enterprises those visionaries launched more than a century ago remain in operation today. Consider as well the technological marvels made possible by contemporary entrepreneurs and the companies they launched: Microsoft, Google and, of course, Apple.

Everyone benefits from the end results of entrepreneurship, which are better products and services provided more quickly and at lower costs. But there’s an additional benefit that comes from the opportunity to turn a good idea and hard work into a better life. That’s the American dream come true.

Here at the Business Times, every month is Entrepreneurship Month and nearly every day is Entrepreneurs’ Day as we enjoy the privilege of telling success stories about entrepreneurs.

But given all there is for which to be grateful and all that’s worthy of celebration, a far wider recognition of the important role of entrepreneurs would be appropriate.