Here’s hoping the trials of 2012 won’t follow us into 2013

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

When I look forward to 2013 for our local business economy, the state and national economies and a whole bunch of just about everything else, I see history repeating itself. Sadly, much of it isn’t very good.

Let’s face the facts. This is the second of heaven knows how many fiscal cliffs we’ll face as time goes along. All you need to do is look across the pond to understand what has been happening there will happen here. How many times are we going to stand by as citizens and watch the folks in D.C. “solve” the crisis in an economically infeasible way just to kick the can down the road until the next crisis? We’re barely a year removed from the last debt limit, yet we’re here again. In Europe, they solve the crisis every few months only to find out what they did doesn’t work and then they’re back at it again.

Do you really believe if Congress raises the debt ceiling to accommodate two more years of this kind of spending the move will last two years? If your answer is yes, then you obviously must run a green energy firm on the short crony list at the White House. Because there’s no more dangerous place to be in Washington, D.C. than between a politician and a pile of free money, except maybe between a politician and the cameras when they need a photo op to congratulate themselves on solving the fake or real crisis they created.

My final note on the fiscal crisis is simple. I’m sick of the argument about “reducing the deficit.” It’s insulting that they’re arguing about who’s better at overspending LESS of our confiscated dollars. And let’s not fool ourselves, promised spending cuts down the road should be added to the list of top lies, right next to “the check’s in the mail” —which, much to my dismay, is one promise D.C. keeps.

On a more serious note, I’d be remiss to not address the spate of mass shootings our country is experiencing.

If you’re like most people, the shooting in Connecticut where so many young children were gunned down is particularly appalling. I agree. That said, I’m not about to even attempt to offer a solution to the problem. Quite frankly, I don’t know that there is one because no matter how many laws a country enacts, how you might personally feel about someone’s mental state or what you yourself might feel is the answer, evil simply cannot be legislated against.

We’ve all heard the argument that you can’t legislate morality. I agree and would never ask my leaders to attempt to do so. My reason is that if they try, we lose our God-given rights. So if the argument works from one side, logic dictates trying to do the opposite would be just as futile.

From my research, violence is no greater now than it has been in the past, even when you take into consideration the things that happen at our schools, theaters and other public places. I know for a fact we now have 24/7 coverage of the events and perhaps that pushes our perception these things occur more frequently.

My thinking doesn’t mean we also need to accept that violent acts are going to happen so we should just roll with it.

I certainly don’t want to see anyone harmed in any way, shape or form. But it would be foolish to think that if we just pass more laws, all crime would stop.

We have plenty in our country’s history to point to that fact. But we also have plenty in our country’s history and from our founding fathers to provide another fact, and that is this country can’t survive without moral and virtuous people and leaders.

Sadly, yet hopefully, I see history that can point to the place we find ourselves now on the bad side. But we can also look back and find the greatness our country can achieve once again. This alone gives me hope for the future.

Every day I see good people helping others, and not just after a tragedy. I see people as basically good. And they do good for others because they’re free to do so.

I’d like to believe that instead of trying to legislate this from above with the government, we would all be better served if we recreated our nation in the image of He who is above: the God in which our founders believed.

I also know that our founding fathers believed in the ability, morality and power of the people to keep this country headed in a godly direction. I firmly believe a virtuous citizenry will once again come to the forefront and bring our nation back to its place in this world.

And that place isn’t because we can build something better, have more wealth or blow things up like no one else. It’s because we believe in and are blessed by God.

May God’s blessing be upon you and your families for 2013. And thank you all of the blessings you have afforded the Business Times in the past year.