Here’s to new uses for an old facility

Leave it to entrepreneurs to envision new uses for an old facility.

We’re talking specifically about Joe and Mita White and their efforts to turn a former feed mill in Grand Junction into an adventure center featuring a trampoline park, obstacle courses and climbing walls — not to mention Mita White’s Pilates studio.

The Whites plan to open the first attraction at the adventure center — a trampoline park branded Get Air at the Silo — on April 25. They hope to add other features as business grows. Their idea of installing rock climbing walls on the inside and outside of 85-foot-tall silos sounds especially intriguing.

In an interview with the Business Times, Joe White remembered how he used to play at Mesa Feed when he was younger and his father operated the business. White recalled how he’d jump from pallets stacked high with sacks of feed and play roller hockey on the concrete floors. Now Joe and Mita White plan a playground of a far different sort.

The Whites love adventures and want to share their sense of adventure in their new facility. Here’s hoping their entrepreneurial adventure is a successful one — as are their efforts to find new uses for an old facility.